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Patrick Thier was born in a small town in eastern Iowa, and grew up on a dairy farm where love of the outdoors simply seemed natural. It was inside the pages of hand-me-down outdoor magazines where Patrick first dreamed of mountain living and hunting big game in America’s mountainous, wild west. But it also spurred a passion for writing, specifically about adventures that others could appreciate.

In 1989 Patrick graduated from Iowa State University, double majoring in English (creative writing) and Journalism (advertising). His professional experience includes sales, writing, and production for TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine.

Patrick moved to the state of Washington in 1995, and started living his wildest dreams. He built his own cabin in the mountains, arrowed dangerous game from the ground, and has realized almost uncanny hunting success. He now lives in Olympia with his understanding wife, Karen. Their kids are grown: Joshua is an Army Ranger; knee-deep in the exciting but dangerous world of spec-ops. Ally just graduated from the University of Washington, knee-deep in her first real job.

His mission is to promote the outdoor experience by relaying to the reader passion and appreciation for hunting and the great outdoors. Valuable information and meaningful inspiration is what Patrick hopes to deliver with his and others’ photos and articles. Whether you are an accomplished big-game hunter or a novice hiker who simply loves being outside, ThierOutdoors intends to fire up the outdoor spirit in everyone. Welcome to your next adventure!

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