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Need sun? Climb a mountain.

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Lake Cushman, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Lake Cushman, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

The fourth day of no sunshine and an open afternoon spelled one thing: H…I…K…E.


I left Olympia about noon; it was 53 degrees and cloudy. By the time I reached Hood Canal, approximately half way to the Mt. Ellinor trailhead, the clouds began to dissipate from above.

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Black Bears: Please stop charging me!

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Washington's Mt. Adams, on my way to bear camp.

Washington’s Mt. Adams, on my way to bear camp.


Close encounter with black bear #3… in less than a year!

I don’t make this stuff up. Honestly. Yes, it happened again. When I was bear hunting on August 16, 2013 near Mt. Adams in Washington state, I had yet another very close, hair-raising and heart-pounding encounter with a black bear

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The Most Fortunate Turkey Hunt…Ever

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I would never have imagined in a million years what I was about to see when I opened my eyes and lifted my head from that sunny boulder protruding from the earth on the side of that peaceful mountain. But I saw it. The image lasted a mere second in reality, but has been burned into my mind forever. From this season forward, I will never think of turkey hunting the same. If not for one small but significant piece of evidence, no one would ever have a reason to believe such a story. I still can hardly believe it myself, and I can’t get it out of my mind.

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Hiking Spider Lake

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Spider Lake, Washington

Spider Lake, Washington

Tucked in between a couple of evergreen-lined ridges, hidden in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains, sits pretty little Spider Lake. If you don’t know it’s there, you’ll most likely drive right by it. Around the perimeter of this modest aqua gem, a trail weaves in and out of the surrounding forest, offering a hike that is so technically easy that you could finish it in 20 minutes if you’d want to. But why in the world would you want to?

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Broken Arrow, Broken Dream: The Vanishing Bear

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I had a feeling from the beginning of July, 2012, that the upcoming hunting season was going to be special. But by the end of the bear opener, which only resulted in the discovery of a virtually fruitless huckleberry crop, I was convinced this intuition had to be referring to the elk bowhunting season just two weeks away.  For me, elk camp is one of those big occasions I look forward to, in part because in certain areas of Washington’s public forestlands, you can purchase a multi-game license that allows you to harvest a black bear, a cougar, and a black-tail deer; all while hunting elk.

I guided a good friend of mine, Caleb Hancock, for the first four days of the season and didn’t see an animal. It was unseasonably hot, and it had been bone-dry for over a month. The ground and every twig, leaf, and needle strewn about it cracked in a cacophony that sounded somewhat like “RUN, ELK; RUN!”

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